Copyist Services from Kenmore Studios

At Kenmore Studios, we can...
turn your hand-written manuscript into a professional, publisher-ready score.
present your score on high quality paper or a variety of digital formats. Binding is also available.
create piano reductions of complicated orchestral accompaniments for use in rehearsal or to share with other artists.
prepare individual parts for each player in the ensemble: easy to read and complete with intelligent page turns.
prepare a CD-quality recording of your score as a demo.

Rates vary depending on the length, scope, and complexity of your composition. Click here for more information.

Our more than ten years of experience includes (but is not limited to) these formats:
full-scale compositions for orchestra and concert band, including works using contemporary techniques and including an end-product of score and indvidiaul instrumental parts. These scores are oftne lauded by conductors for their clarity and space, and by performers for their kind page turns and easy readability
many settings for chorus, both for unaccompanied voices and voices with piano and/or other ensembles. Attention to detail is noticed by singers; the lyrics are sensibly spaced and sized in easily legible fonts and syllables are carefully divided as the composer dictates.
string quartets and other smaller ensembles.