Commission a Work from Travis M. Ramsey

Commissioning a new composition is an opportunity quite unlike any other in the arts. You will be able to have a new piece of music crafted especially for you. Anyone can commission a work, whether conductor or music-lover, novice or virtuoso. Conductors are likely the most frequent clients, seeking to take a part in creating new music written with their own singers/players in mind. Soloists often commission their own music as well, looking for a special piece that showcases their playing. Even regular people who have no connection to the arts other than loving music and believing new music should be written can commission a work.

If you hire me to write you a piece of music, I will involve you in my creative process. If the work is a vocal work, we wlil select a text together; even if it is not we will work together on the theme, mood, title, and emotional effect of the piece. I'm happy to send you "sketches" along the way, little snippets of music for you to listen to and comment on while I am composing.

I do not post my commission rates online becuase they vary widely based on who is commissioning the work and what it is for. I will take several factors in mind as we work together to set a price that both pays me fairly for my time and fits within your budget. If you have an ensemble willing to perform the premiere, that's a great benefit to me. It's even better if you can arrange to have the performance recorded. If your budget is small I can tailor the work to fit by writing a shorter piece or asking other like ensembles to join the project to form a consortium. This is a benefit to everyone: the peice gets performed by lots of different people, but each ensemble needs to spend less to fund the composition.

If you have a tangible community mission in mind, but no budget, please visit my MLC New Music Project website. With a little legwork on your part (passing out postcards, spreading the word to ask for donations) we can make it happen.

Be sure to browse through the catalog to listen to performances of my prior work. I hope you will find something that you like!

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